NetUP notifies customers about the release of a new version of the billing system. The UTM 5 version 5.3-005-rc1 is a release candidate and is intended for acquaintance with the functional.
We don't recommend using this version of the billing system for commercial operation!


Since version 5.3-005, NetUP stopped the release of UTM5 updates for Centos 5 and Debian Wheezy. That is due to discontinued support of these operating systems by their developers. 
We also stopped supporting PostgreSQL due to the features of the UTM5 build on new systems.


Current UTM5 update contains fix for the bug found during the operation of previous version.

Full list of changes in UTM 5.3-004-update3

ISP Billing Software «UTM5»

UTM5 is a high-performance ISP billing software developed for small to large telecoms. The software is designed to control Internet access and Voice over IP services. With UTM5 an ISP can charge subscribers per traffic volume or per connection time, set monthly caps or provide flat rates with dynamic bandwidth shaping, and do much more.

UTM5 is a complete billing solution that includes billing mediation platform, rating engine, invoicing subsystem, etc. It can interface directly with networking equipment, such as routers, firewalls, network access servers, VoIP gateways, etc. via various up-to-date protocols, e.g., Netflow, RADIUS, SNMP, sFlow, etc. The billing system supports usage-based billing and works in real time, that is especially important for prepaid tariffs.

UTM5 has over 4000 deployments all over the world - Australia, Thailand, India, Russia and CIS, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, USA and Canada. In these solutions the billing system is used with many various connection technologies: wired Ethernet, ADSL, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, FTTH, etc.