UTM5 Telephony Module

Telephony Module is a RADIUS Server used for interoperation with VoIP Gateways, VoIP Gatekeepers, and VoIP Proxy Servers. RADIUS technology makes the service be charged for immediately and accurately.

UTM5 VoIP connection scheme

Solutions based on UTM5 with Telephony module are perfect for ISP's & VoIP providers using prepaid model. Telephone directions, zones, and time ranges allow a VoIP provider to create very flexible call rates (mobile phones, local phones, national calls, international calls, night-time calls, free thresholds, etc).

Supported equipment
Any RADIUS compatible hardware or software
Examples: Cisco AS5350, 26xx, 36xx, 53xx, *nix or Windows -based VoIP servers
Supported protocols
- H.323
- any others, supported by a RADIUS-compatible VoIP Gateway/Gatekeeper