DynaShape, a Module for Dynamic Bandwidth Shaping

DynaShape is a module for dynamic bandwidth shaping. This module makes the billing system capable of automatically changing a subscriber's bandwidth depending on the volume of traffic downloaded by the subscruber. DynaShape makes flat rates more profitable for an ISP.

DynaShape includes two parts. The first one is 'liburfa-dynashape.so' library. It is a plugin for the billing system core that creates firewall rules according to the tariff plan. The second part is 'utm5_dynashape' application. Being installed on a unix-based router, it sends bandwidth shaping commands to the firewall.

Dynamic bandwidth shaping for the billing system


To use Dynashape for a certain tariff plan it is necessary to input the following information into the 'Settings' - 'Parameter List' area: variable: {tariff ID}, value: the bandwidth depending on the amount of downloaded gigabytes of traffic in the current period, e.g.:


That means that at first the bandwidth is 512 kbps, after 1 GB downloaded - 256 kbps, etc.