UTM5 Basic Module

ISP billing software UTM used for metered Internet billing in a local area network

UTM5 basic module includes the billing system core, Netflow collector, firewall management module, administration console, client's Web interface, etc. Basic Module is enough to deploy a billing solution in a local area network with resident subscribers having static IP addresses.

Traffic data collection
Netflow collector is used to analyze network (or Internet) traffic in real time. Real-time data processing coupled with remote firewall management makes the billing software perfect for ISP's who use prepaid billing model - subscribers are blocked immediately on going into the red. All detailed network usage data are stored in the database and can be examined by an ISP for resolving subscriber complaints.

Other protocols that are supported: SNMP, sFlow, IP accounting, etc.
Business logic
UTM5 business logic supports charging per traffic volume as well as per connection time. Also, one-time services and periodic services are supported.
Basic Module is able to control up to 100,000 subscribers at a total bandwidth of up to 3 Gb/s (with Netflow technology). It can be used by small ISP's and large telecoms, as well as by wholesale providers.
The core of the ISP billing system runs on a separate server (under Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, or Solaris). It can be accessed by an administrator remotely via Administration Console. Users access their accounts via the Client's Web Interface. Additionally, to accept payments, Cashier Interface can be used.
Compatible Networking Equipment
UTM5 is perfectly compatible with Cisco's routers, *nix-based routers, MikroTik RouterOS, etc. Almost any professional networking hardware can be integrated with the billing system.
Database Backend
MySQL or PostgreSQL DBMS is used to store data. All calculations are made by the high-performance core of the billing system.
Operating Systems
UTM5 core and firewall management module run on:
Linux, FreeBSD, Sun's Solaris, and Windows.

Administration Console runs on any operating system with Java Runtime Environment.

Client's Web Interface runs on any operating system with a web browser.