Administration Interface

UTM5 Administration Interface is the application that provides access to the billing system functionality via a user-friendly graphic interface. The application runs on any operating system from any remote location. Security is assured due to the use of SSL protected connection. Administration Interface allows easily adding users, configuring services and tariffs, setting up accounting periods, time ranges, traffic classes, viewing service usage reports, and doing a lot more. The application includes everything necessary to make the operators' work easy and efficient.


UTM5 Administration Interface Screenshot UTM5 Administration Interface Screenshot

UTM5 Administration Interface Screenshot UTM5 Administration Interface Screenshot

UTM5 & Administration Interface Features

User List
adding, editing, deleting users
adding payments
simple search, advanced search
joining users into groups
manual & automated invoicing
system users with customizable rights & privileges (superusers, operators, cashiers, dealers, etc.)
creating / editing services, time ranges, payment methods, accounting periods, traffic classes, telephone directions & zones
multiple service type support: one-time service, periodic service, IP traffic service, hotspot service, dial-up service, telephony service
support of multiple currencies, currency exchange rate history
adding / editing services, tariff plans
automated tariff plan change
Documents & Invoicing
customizable document templates, html with css based
support of unlimited number of document types (invoices, receipts, contracts, etc.)
automated invoicing and invoice sending via email
general report
report on user blockings
traffic report, detailed traffic report
telephony report
report on PPPoE, VPN & dial-up sessions
report on payments, report on burnt payments
report on services
user change log
issued invoices
buildings, banks
firewalls, firewall rules, IP zones, IP pools, NAS list
document templates
Other features
prepaid (scratch) cards support, automated creation of prepaid card pools, data export
support of multiple interface languages, customizable dictionaries
Operating Systems
Administration Interface runs on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and any other operating system with Java Runtime Environment.