Other products

NDSAD, a Netflow Traffic Probe

NDSAD (NetUP's Data Stream Accounting Daemon) is a Netflow traffic probe. Developed by NetUP originally, NDSAD is now an open-source (GPL'ed) tool that captures packets and generates a Netflow v5 data stream. It can be used with either ISP billing system «UTM5» or with any other software for NetFlow analysis.

NDSAD connection scheme

NDSAD is licensed under the GNU General Public License.
Supported Platforms
NDSAD has been tested on Linux, FreeBSD, SPARC Solaris and Win32.
NDSAD is available from its Sourceforge project page.

Get-XYZ Netflow Converter

Get-XYZ is a universal traffic probe and converter for Mikrotik's, NSG's and Revolution's networking hardware. As well as NDSAD, Get-XYZ is originally developed by NetUP, and now it is an opensource (GPL'ed) project.

Solutions for IPTV

IPTV Solutions for ISP's by NetUP We are also developing IPTV solutions which include:
- DVB-IP gateways,
- VOD servers,
- middleware,
- conditional access system (CAS),
- IPTV billing system.
You can find more information about our developments for IPTV at our website www.netup.tv