Update of UTM5 billing system UTM5 (5.3-005-rc1)


NetUP notifies customers about the release of a new version of the billing system. The UTM 5 version 5.3-005-rc1 is a release candidate and is intended for acquaintance with the functional.
We don't recommend using this version of the billing system for commercial operation!
This version of the NetUP UTM5 contains:

  • optimized processing of resource-intensive operations;
  • advanced the billing functionality;
  • added support for following operating systems: Debian Stretch (9), FreeBSD 10.4 и FreeBSD 11.1;
  • fixed bugs and problems of previous versions of the system.

Full list of changes (changelog)

Update steps are identical to those for the 5.3-004 version (http://www.netup.ru/UTM5/documentation/obnovlenie-utm5-do-5.3-004)

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