21.12.2012 Merry christmas and a happy new year!

Dear Customers and Colleagues!

Thank you for staying with us and helping us do what we commit to do. We are grateful to all our new cusomers and look forward to succesful cooepration the comming year. We would like to inform you that our Company will be closed for Christmas Holidays from December 30th till January 8th, 2013 included. Our customer support department`s working hours will be the following: 2th, 4th, 7th January 11:00-15:00.
We wish you merry christmas and a happy new year!


01.10.2012 Update of UTM5 billing system (5.2.1-009-update1)

1992: Fixed an issue in which the type of lock installed incorrectly when using rpcf_add_account.

1990: Fixed an issue in which, in some cases the amount of the returned funds during the locked state of subscriber was calculated incorrectly.


25.06.2012 The list of platforms which support will be discontinued

From the next version of UTM5, we stop supporting the following platforms, due to an expired support by their official developers:

Red Hat Linux 9
FreeBSD 4
FreeBSD 5
Debian Sarge
Debian Etch


14.06.2012 Update of UTM5 billing system (5.2.1-009-release)

Current UTM5 update contains fixes for the critical bugs found during the operation of previous version.