30.10.2006 A new build of the ISP billing system: UTM 5 (5.2.1-003)

In the new build of the billing system UTM it has been realized a capability of detailed traffic report creation for statistics, stored in the raw format. Bugs, found since the release of the previous version have been fixed.


12.09.2006 Release of a New ISP Billing Software "UTM 5" Version 5.2.1-001

After long and careful testing, a new version of the billing system was released: UTM 5.2.1-001. In the new build a lot of new capabilities have been added, additional modules have been developed: module for dynamic bandwidth shaping, cashier interface. All found critical bugs have been fixed.
More than 120 changes were made since the release of the UTM version 5.2. 
It is significant that special attention is paid to reliability and performance of the system. 


30.08.2006 A new pre-release version of UTM for ISP & VoIP billing (5.2.0-004) is now available.

In the new build it is now possible to search for subscribers according to logins in service links. In utm5_radius it has been included reaction on interim updates from NAS. It is realized a feature of explicit definition of services being used in a scheme of accounting for dial-up connections by traffic. Firewall rules synchronization for switching off on utm5_rfw start is supported. Performance and reliability of RADIUS server essentially increased, found bugs have been fixed.


04.07.2006 NetUP UTM 5.0 ISP billing software on Linux Live CD

NetUP is glad to present a new development - NetUP Linux Live CD. During long working with various solutions in the field of Network Technologies our specialists have created a unique product on basis of Debian Linux Live CD (Knoppix) - full-scale Internet-server unwraping in a few minutes at any platform: from a laptop to a multiprocessor system.


30.05.2006 A new build of the ISP & VoIP billing system: UTM 5.2.0 - 003

The new release includes an option for user notification on payments received; SIP support improved; possibility of automatic log files rotation was added. Testing of telephone subscribers authentication and tariffing in binding with Mera MVTS has been completed. Found bugs have fixed.


04.04.2006 The new build: UTM billing system for VoIP & ISP v5.2.0 - 002

Support of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and authentication method Digest MD5 (RFC 2617) was realised. Mechanism of telephone calls tariffing works now essentially faster. An option of setting arbitrary RADIUS-attributes on service bunchs, attached to subscribers, was added. Thus, flexibility of connection parameters management for the services authenticated via RADIUS protocol increased. During IP-address list editing it occurs a preventive switching-off and consequent switching-on for enabling automatic synchronization of firewall rules and the ISP billing system. Search of subscribers now includes search by MAC adress.


30.03.2006 A new build: ISP & VoIP billing system: UTM v5.2.0-001 (release candidate 1)

Clients who have subscribed for Software Updates can download the new build: UTM 5.2.0-001 release candidate 1. The new build features a significantly accelerated traffic classification algorithm, 802.1X support with EAP-MD5 authorization method, possibility to point an IP-address of NetFlow packet source, and many other. An articledescribing the results of performance tests was published.


30.03.2006 DynaShape: a Module for Dynamic Bandwidth Shaping

A new module for the ISP billing system "UTM 5": DynaShape was developed by NetUP engineers.

DynaShape is a module for dynamic bandwidth shaping. With the use of the module it is possible to create unlimited tariffs, profitable for an ISP, with a bandwidth dynamically depending on amount of Internet traffic, consumed by a subscriber.

You can order DynaShape in the Customer Area.


30.01.2006 NDSAD - Netflow v5 traffic probe

New release of NDSAD Traffic Probe.

NDSAD Traffic Probe is a software package for capturing traffic information from PC-router interfaces and translating it into Cisco NetFlow v5 format. Linux, FreeBSD, Windows and other operating systems are supported. NDSAD is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License.

The latest release contains new features such as tee/divert socket support under FreeBSD (if ipfw is used), ULOG interface support under Linux (if iptables is used), and \Device\NPF_GenericDialupAdapter interface under Windows (if a VPN server based on Windows 2003 is launched). These new functions widen the possibility of traffic processing and increase the flexibility of network configuration. In particular, the problems of double traffic in complicated distributed networks are easily solved.

The release is available in its SourceForge project page.