01.11.2005 New


  • Traffic tarification while using dynamic distribution of IP-addresses.
  • Traffic tarification based on RADIUS-Accounting package information. To switch it on it’s necessary to add the ‘radius_do_accounting’ parameter in the administrator interface, its value should be set to 1.
  • Possibility to limit the amount of accumulated pre-paid traffic. Mantis id 316.
  • Classification and filters in the ‘Buildings’ area of administrator interface. Mantis id 273.
  • Possibility to set arbitrary days (e.g. holydays) when the given accounting period will be on. Mantis id 315.
  • Get_nf utility providing detailed reports. Mantis id 314.
  • Possibility to remove IP-pools. Mantis id 290.
  • Message informing of unsuccessful pre-paid card activation while providing Hotspot service. Mantis id 293.
  • Possibility to load large lists of local networks from a file via ‘utm5_load_tc.pl’ utility. Mantis id 318.
  • Possibility to reuse traffic class identifier after it was removed. Mantis id 324.
  • More columns in report on modem and VPN sessions in user private cabinet. Mantis id 322.
  • Possibility to organize dial-up service via Callback.


06.07.2005 New

NetUP Inc is proud to announce the launch of its redesigned international website.

The site is intended to provide our customers with up-to-date information about our product line and services.

We'll be making more additions to the site in the coming months so keep your eye on developments. In the meantime please feel free to tell us what you think about the site by e-mailing us at: info@netup.biz.