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ISP Billing System «UTM5»


UTM5, an ISP billing system UTM5 is an ISP billing system for Internet service providers of any size, from small ones to large telecoms. The billing system was designed to provide metered Internet access and charge clients in real time. The software can directly interface with networking equipment to collect usage data and to control Internet access. UTM5 supports charging per traffic volume as well as per connection time.

Developed in C++ with the use of optimized algorithms, the billing system core is a high performance multithreaded application perfectly working on multiprocessor and multi-core platforms. UTM5 is compatible with most popular networking equipment and can interface directly with routers, firewalls, network access servers, VoIP gateways, etc. It supports up to 100,000 users at a bandwidth of up to 3 Gb/s in real time! With UTM5 no client can go far into the red, UTM5 is constantly watching and, if required, immediately blocking Internet access for prepaid clients.

The billing system was developed in compliance with desires of a large number of ISP companies during formation of the present-day telecoms market. Now we can offer a broad range of ISP billing solutions based on UTM5, such as billing for Internet access via ADSL, FTTH, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, hotspots, etc. UTM5 also supports telephony (VoIP and classic telephony).

ISP billing system scheme

Supported Protocols

UTM5 can collect detailed traffic data via Cisco's Netflow v5 protocol, apparently the best technology for real-time traffic monitoring. Using high performance Netflow analysis makes traffic metering powerful and accurate.
UTM5 has its own RADIUS server, RFC 2138 and 2139 compliant. RADIUS server supports an unlimited number of network access servers (NAS's).
Other protocols
Other protocols that are supported: SNMP, sFlow, IP accounting, etc.

Compatible Equipment

UTM5 is perfectly compatible with Cisco's routers, *nix-based routers, MikroTik RouterOS, etc. Almost any networking hardware can be integrated with UTM5.

Database Backend

MySQL or PostgreSQL DBMS is used to store data. All calculations are made by the high-performance core of the billing system.

Operating Systems

Server part
UTM5 core, RADIUS server, firewall management module run on:
Linux, FreeBSD, Sun's Solaris, and Windows.
Administration Console
Any operating system with Java Runtime Environment.
Client's Web Interface
Any operating system with a web browser.