UTM 5.3-005 Administrator's guide (PDF file) 

UTM 5.3-004 Administrator's guide (PDF file) 

UTM 5.3-003 Administrator's guide (PDF file) 

UTM 5.3-002 upgrade to version 5.3-003 user manual

UTM 5.3-002 Administrator's guide (PDF file) 

UTM 5.3-001 upgrade to version 5.3-002 user manual

UTM 5.3 changelog

FAQ concerning the Time Zone Database update


UTM 5.3-001 Administrator's guide

UTM 5.3-001 Administrator's guide (PDF file) 

Tables archiving user manual

UTM5 Billing OS compatibility

Articles & Howto's

Enabling SSLv3
Enabling SSLv3 for Oracle JRE version 6u91 and higher
Billing and billing systems
Description of billing systems types.
Setting Up a Hotspot (Public Wireless Internet Access)
Basic principles of network architecture and service accounting in wireless networks using ISP billing system NetUP UTM are described. Settings for Linux-based routers, MikroTik, D-Link and Nomadix are given.
Setting RADIUS Attributes for VPN Connection Bandwidth Limiting
Setting up a Cisco network access server for VPN connection bandwidth limiting is discussed.
Configuring PPPoE Server & Client (pdf version)
Setting up network access via PPPoE with rp-pppoe server and raspppoe client.