Billing and billing systems

Billing is the process of calculating the cost of services or creating account statement for them. The billing system is a program that keeps record of services requested by subscriber’s account and debits the subscriber′s account in accordance with the tariffs for the services provided.
Billing systems provide features of accounting and billing services, accounting of subscribers, partners, suppliers, dealers and agents. Converged billing systems allow accounting of the diverse services and a variety of payment types in a single system. Convergent billing systems enable adjusting and processing of data from any telecommunications equipment, both in batch mode or in real-time. They support a single client database of individuals and legal entities. Allows you to create a hierarchy of accounts, which is convenient for the account of own and partner services. Converged billing systems provide the ability to combine multiple channels and payment schemes of services, support complex service plans and various bonus programs, which increases customer loyalty.

Convergent billing systems

Convergent billing is the basis for management and development of the services provided customer-oriented approach. For more opportunities, increase customer loyalty and billing systems are integrated with portal software, and CRM-systems. The important point is the integration of billing with payment systems, OSS-solutions and ERP-systems.

ISP billing

Acronym ISP stands for Internet Service Provider, ie billing designed to meet the challenges of accounting traffic and payments to subscribers for Internet access services and telecommunication. NetUP ISP Billing UTM 5 refers to this type of billing.

Billing system UTM 5

OSS / BSS billing

Operation Support Systems / Business Support Systems - support system operations / business support systems designed for the integrated management of telecommunications resources. OSS / BSS solutions have recently gained wide acceptance in various industries, but most often they are introduced by telecom companies. OSS / BSS systems contain modules and subsystems for various tasks. Such a system is billing NetUP OSS/BSS UTM 6.

Scheme of OSS/BSS billing UTM 6