Advanced Technical Support Service

The billing system keeps important data, its damage may cause deplorable financial consequences. To decrease such a risk our company offers advanced technical support service. Advanced technical support is provided by means of telephone and ticket advising.

Advanced support contract includes:
- supply of updates (releases)
- supply of any intermediate updates on request
- access to NetUP's hotline system with higher priority for your tickets (maximal response time is 3 working hours)
- phone assistance (if doesn't require diagnostics, turning to internal documentation of the company or to software source code or to other departments of the company). Please note that phone questions (unlike Hotline tickets) doesn't imply further support on them
- advices on third party software are provided if possible (maximal response time is up to 24 hours)
- monitoring of one server (CPU load, number of processes, free HDD space, utm5_core state, ingest of information on traffic, DBMS state). It also includes either elimination of the issues or informing you by a preferred mean (maximal response time is 1 hour)
- routine maintenance on one billing server (system updates, diagnostics of UTM5, elimination of causes of failures induced by UTM5)
The service doesn't include:
- operator's work
- complicated technical work
- support of custom products
- elimination of causes of failures induced by third party software or incorrect system use
- elimination of consequences of failures caused by UTM5