UTM6 is a multipurpose high-performance OSS/BSS for telcos designed for high loads.

Core UTM6 components are traffic and telephony collectors with single rating engine. Collectors are responsible for raw Internet and telephony data collection, aggregation and storage. The number of collectors may vary depending on the size of the network. The rating engine keeps customer base and aggregated service usage info, and charges subscribers according to their service plans.


Схема OSS/BSS UTM 6 
OSS/BSS UTM6 block diagram

Conventional telephony, VoIP, broadband Internet access, interactive TV, all these services can be controlled from the single administration interface. Even if your subscribers are at another part of the world you can easily get information about his/her network segment, service usage, balance, and much more.

UTM6 can be configured according to your business needs. Functionality can be extended and customized by connecting additional modules.

UTM6 is based on NetUP Business Server (NBS), a robust development framework designed for development of client-server systems of any complexity. UTM6 includes numerous services connected in a cluster. NBS has been used by NetUP for many years to build complex solutions in IPTV, network monitoring, national telephone networks, and many other telecom applications.